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  • Learning Collaborative spans three countries: Kenya, Uganda, and Nigeria. This allows us to explore the comparative effects of a programme across different cultural and national contexts, while still holding constant the surrounding influences of the school system.
  • Learning Collaborative evaluates programmes across schools that are comparable on all major indicators, including school management, instructional design, and teacher training. 
  • Learning Collaborative can also evaluate interventions or programmes at a state-wide level in government schools
  • Learning Collaborative provides an opportunity to participate in an already-functioning process of researcher/practitioner collaboration, with strong systems for communication, data-sharing, and co-creation of projects.
  • Learning Collaborative is not just a way to satisfy intellectual curiosity, or evaluate programmes in isolation. Effective outcomes will be implemented at scale in large-scale government partnerships, bringing the learning benefits to millions of students

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    Informations we require from you

    • Your email address at the university or research center where you work. We use this to verify your affiliation with that institution. Once your affiliation has been verified you are welcome to change your email to another address.
    • Your first and last names.
    • Job Title: Good examples of job titles are Professor of Global Health, Lecturer in Astroinformatics, PHD Student in Education Economics
      These details will appear on your discussion board by line to help participants quickly understand the context from which you are engaging. So it’s good to be specific but concise.
    • Furthe Context: Please give a brief outline of the area of  research or specific study you are interested in conducting as part of NewGlobe’s Learning Collaborative.